Thursday, November 10, 2016

Artwork on Issues

Nuclear war

I'm doing my artwork on Nuclear War and how humans could be destroyed in the next ten years. I am doing this to raise awareness on how powerful these weapons of mass destruction are. I am also doing this to show how likely it is for world war three to start soon

Monday, November 07, 2016



whoever has looked at this blog has contributed to me making this post.
as of now window has gotten 200 pageviews on my blog and this gives me motivation to hopefully continue and finish this blog by the end of the year as my account will be discontinued as i am leaving the school that I got this account in. I am so happy that i brought my experiences and knowledge to the people I have written to as they have read my blog but nevertheless congratulations windows users for getting 200 views


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Congratulations France!!

Congratulations France for becoming the First country (other than New Zealand) to get to 100 page views for my blog and a very large thank you for all page views as it gives me support to keep this blog going with all of the page views that it has


Thursday, September 15, 2016

$ Trillion Dollar Task $

What would you do with a trillion dollars?

I would:

  1. Ban casinos and lotteries

  1. Build houses for the poor

  1. Donate money to the poor

  1. Donate money to help medical research to stop life threatening diseases

  1. Donate money to NASA for future space exploration

  1. Stop war machines being built

  1. Ban nuclear weapons

  1. Bring worldwide peace

  1. Build giant solar generators in the Sahara desert

  1. Build processing plants for Rubbish to minimize rubbish dump sizes

  1. Ban nuclear power plants

  1. Build machines to read genetic code

  1. Build Co2 Plants to trap and reduce Co2 in the air

  1. Build electric cars to even further reduce the Co2 in the air

  1. Build schools to help with education

  1. Ban racial discrimination

  1. Ban war

  1. Build water refineries in poorer countries who have no access to clean water

  1. Build hydro turbines down major waterfalls

  1. Build the tallest building in the world

  1. Build telephone towers in countries with poor reception

  1. Make Electronic devices available to everyone in the world

  1. Build giant WiFi towers for making the internet available to the world

  1. Build long subways underneath the ocean floor

  1. Build a better telescope than the Hubble so we can map the stars more clearly

  1. Make more products recyclable

  1. Unite as one nation

  1. Stop global warming from happening

  1. Build more accurate equipment for telling when a earthquake will happen

  1. Build sloped walls around the sea to weaken potential tsunamis

Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Supercells are a rare occurring weather phenomenon related to thunderstorms.

What is a Supercell?

Supercells are an extreme thunderstorm. They are rare because they need a lot of energy to form. Hail the size of baseballs and tornados may accompany a supercell. They are formed when an updraft, which is when warm, moist air rises, condenses within a thunderstorm. A wall cloud is usually formed below the rest of the storm which gives it a chance to form a tornado. Downdrafts are made of colder air and make gusts of wind that go towards the ground. These can destroy trees and buildings. A wind shear is a type of wind which can change direction quickly and causes the split between the downdraft and the updraft within the the storm. If there is a rotating wall cloud and it is persistent, that may mean that a tornado will form.

How do Supercells Form?

Supercells need a variety of atmospheric conditions to form. They need at least 50% humidity at sea level to form a supercell thunderstorm. A tornado needs to have at least 55% humidity. This does change due to elevation. Supercells also need instability and lift within the atmosphere for it to form. When the air at the surface is warmer than the air above it, the atmosphere becomes unstable. The faster the air rises, the more unstable the atmosphere is. The last condition a supercell needs to form is a wind shear which creates a horizontal vortex and is tilted upwards by a thunderstorm updraft, creating the deep updraft supercells require.

What are the Types of Supercells?

There are three types of supercells. One kind of supercell is called a Classic Supercell which can be powerful on rare occasions. A Classic Supercell produces the most tornados and an average amount of rain from the rear of a forming downdraft. Another type of supercell is called a High Pressure Supercell which is more devastating because it has a torrential rain downpour from the forming downdraft. The tornados that these supercells create are obscured by rain and you never know it is there. High Pressure Supercells are darker compared to the others and produce the most rain and hail. The last type of supercell is called a Low Pressure Supercell. This kind of supercell is one that creates an amazing spectacle and because of this it is often used in photography. This type of supercell creates the most hail and can be completely transparent on rare occasions.

Safety Precautions

During a supercell the same precautions are taken as if there was a tornado or a lightning storm. This includes moving to the cellar, basement or any underground area in your house and turning off all the electricity so that it will make you less of a target for the lightning strike.

The variety of supercells that occur in the world are formed in a simmilar fashion and caution needs to be taken if they appoach.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Universal Crunch Or Expand

Here is another thought / theory that I have.
I think that the universe will eventually collapse on its own weight and cruuuuuunnnch it destroys itself.
or the universe will expand forever?
Whichever one it is something will happen

fill out this site to say your thoughts about it and any other ideas you have at:

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