Wednesday, March 23, 2016



The water was sloshing in my soaking wetsuit and the pinching cold was clinging to my skin as I swayed in the gentle waves. My kayak had water encrusted all over it and I could see a layer of frost forming on the kayak, even though the beaming sun was drying me off, It could never dry fast enough to stop me getting cold. I was chattering as if I was in the actic with only some casual clothes to wear. I felt like I was submerged in a lake of ice with no heat escaping.

Katie asked some of us if we wanted to go in the water and I heavily regected the suggestion. She pleaded me to come in and I agreed only if I stayed for only 5 minutes in the sea. To my suprise it was like a spa after staying in the arctic for 2 years. It felt like paradise as I slowing sunk under the warm rolling waves. I let my arms float to keep myself floating in the promised land. I was practically sulking when Katie said that we have to go.

That was the day I started liking sea swimming again and it was a day that I would never forget.

The End

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