Monday, March 21, 2016

Laser Tag

Laser Tag

We had to win... team blue had to win. Even before the game had started the bubbling sensation to conquer had already filled up my body with determination.

When we were released into the maze of corridors and pathways, my eyes were drawn to the black walls that were splashed in colourful luminescent paint.

Gripping my weapon tight, I failed to notice the blaring horn that signalled the start of the game.  Suddenly, I was struck in the back by a red beam of light from the opposing team.The red lights mixed with my blue and faded into purple which soon dimmed into an inky black.

I took advantage of the 5 second penalty (Of being struck by the opposing team) by running to the undefended fresh green base and destroying it as soon as my weapon was activated again. I received a power up for destroying the green base, but to my surprise it made my lights shine brighter than others, so I was more of a target to the enemy teams. I ran to a corner to take cover and patiently waited for someone to come.I heard footsteps and I saw some flashing lights,immediately I aimed my gun at the corner and someone put their foot out to draw my attention. I grasped my weapon tightly and aimed it at the intersection... he turned the corner and we both pointed our blasters at each other... Slowly we lowered our guns and found that were team mates. We high-fived each other and went around the maze to hunt the enemy.  This allowed us to cut through the opposition as we rallied up the team and stuck in groups of 2 or 3. We blasted our way up the leaderboards and just as the screeching horn signalled the end of the game got to 2nd Place. I congratulated my blue team mates for getting second place and helping each other.

That day I found out that sticking together as a team will help you get more points rather than going solo.

The End

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