Thursday, May 05, 2016

Camp Rotorua

The sulphur fumes were engulfing me as I watched in awe as the fountain rose 10 metres high. My eye were glued to the scene for as long as it  geyser was flowing high with pride. It was an experience I would never forget (except for the horrible smell). After this experience I raced down the stairs with my group and we continued our trek around the thermal wonderland. The smell was horrible but it was worth it to a certain extent, sometimes I gripper my nose with my fingers to make sure the smell did not get to me. The patterns the steam was making was breath taking, except for the part when the wind blew it directly into my face and I coughed and gagged for pure air. When it was time for dinner at the Marae I didn't eat anything because I felt sickIn short I threw up, we left, went to bed, threw up, drank water, threw up, drank water didn't throw up, Dad came, 3 hour trip home in the prius with kaia, went to bed woke up, drank water and got better for the next day. :D

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