Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Big Party

The Big Party

I was really excited for the start of my eleventh birthday party and in less than 10 minutes flat everyone was here and setup except for Ellis who didn't bring a laptop and just listened to his music on his Iphone. I logged into minecraft and joined the Party server. I had made everyone a starter house a couple weeks ago and I got into my one and took out everything from it. I saw a couple name tags underground so I decided to start mining. I didn't find much but after a while something great happened... DIAMONDS!!! Ellis shouted across the room as he had found some diamonds!!! Everyone quickly mined towards his tunnel but by the time they had gotten there he was already crafting a diamond sword. Sneakily I turned on Pvp and that's when all the madness started people hit each other and just in the nick of time before anyone died i turned off Pvp before anyone died. Then... PIZZA!!! everyone shouted as they caught a whiff of heaven scent. We each took a box of pizza and went onto the deck to eat it. Soon Thomas dropped his pizza on the floor and everyone laughed hysterically and that's when he got angry and he hurtled the pizza at Ellis who dodged it in the nick of time as the greasy streak sped past his face and splattered against the window. Ellis ripped the soggy piece of pizza and splattered it against Thomas’s face. Thomas, I saw, was enraged!! He charged at me like a bull and i held out my pizza and dodged out of the way just in time for the pizza to hit him in the face. I felt like a bullfighter in a colossal stadium with cheering crowds and giant bulls. I tried to run across the slippery deck but fell over in my scamper to escape and I saw a looming shadow above me as his pizza raised into the air was ready for a hearty slap in the face. I rolled over to the side to see the splat of what was going to be the pizza in my face. Thomas accidentally let go too early and threw the pizza into the yard and hit someone in the head. I heard a shout: HEY WHO THREW THAT!!! Ooopsss Thomas said as his face grew red with guilt. I sighed heavily as I got up and limped over to the stairs and walking down it carefully. When I finally got back down there I saw a couple people down there who had come down earlier after pizza. I got back on and breathed heavily as I thought about what happened. I heard some shrieks and screams from upstairs which meant that some of the fighting was still going on. I walked slowly back upstairs and shouted to make people stop and come down here because there was a loot drop at spawn. Everyone rushed downstairs and happily bounded to my character who was on top of a looming pillar I did the command to make all of the stuff in my inventory duplicate and all of the duplicate become drops that were launched into the air which caused a mad scramble below. Now it was deathmatch time. I pulled the lever to let everyone into the arena and I went into spectator mode and saw a lot of teaming. I saw as many people turned the tables of luck and won a unfair battle which was great to see but there was one team who would not give up without a fight and this team included Jenna, Ellis and Thomas. The mod that I had installed made that the keepinventory overridden lose inventory at death which meant that people would drop their items but also have the same amount of items when the respawn. Soon I decided that everyone would have to face me and everyone turned at me and charged. I decided to pick them off one by one by running away and the people who bothered coming would... CAKE everone should and rushed upstairs and had a piece of delicious chocolate cake and stuffed their faces with tonnes of lollies and had a great time overall and soon everyone was gone.

What a party, so much conflict but it was still really fun!

The End

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