Thursday, September 15, 2016

$ Trillion Dollar Task $

What would you do with a trillion dollars?

I would:

  1. Ban casinos and lotteries

  1. Build houses for the poor

  1. Donate money to the poor

  1. Donate money to help medical research to stop life threatening diseases

  1. Donate money to NASA for future space exploration

  1. Stop war machines being built

  1. Ban nuclear weapons

  1. Bring worldwide peace

  1. Build giant solar generators in the Sahara desert

  1. Build processing plants for Rubbish to minimize rubbish dump sizes

  1. Ban nuclear power plants

  1. Build machines to read genetic code

  1. Build Co2 Plants to trap and reduce Co2 in the air

  1. Build electric cars to even further reduce the Co2 in the air

  1. Build schools to help with education

  1. Ban racial discrimination

  1. Ban war

  1. Build water refineries in poorer countries who have no access to clean water

  1. Build hydro turbines down major waterfalls

  1. Build the tallest building in the world

  1. Build telephone towers in countries with poor reception

  1. Make Electronic devices available to everyone in the world

  1. Build giant WiFi towers for making the internet available to the world

  1. Build long subways underneath the ocean floor

  1. Build a better telescope than the Hubble so we can map the stars more clearly

  1. Make more products recyclable

  1. Unite as one nation

  1. Stop global warming from happening

  1. Build more accurate equipment for telling when a earthquake will happen

  1. Build sloped walls around the sea to weaken potential tsunamis

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